GoBaja Charters - Sailboat, Powerboat, and RV Chartering in La Paz Mexico.


One-week charters on the Sea of Cortez—
MONDAY – do some sailing—it’s only a short distance to your next anchorage!
If you have made it only as far as Falso, head for Caleta Partida. If you have reached either Caleta Partida or San Gabriel, head for Ensenada Grande, on the island of PARTIDA. Take the kayaks and go to the beach; do some rock climbing; fish from SeaSirena or the Whaler. My favorite spot in Ensenada Grande is the southern finger where you’ll find beautiful rock formations and a small beach at the head of the bay. In the evenings, I have heard owls and triple echoes!
Tuck back in there as far as feasible—do not anchor in less than 15 ft. of water.

TUESDAY – this is a big day for you. If you are at Caleta Partida, just bypass Ensenada Grande and catch it on your way back. Be sure you leave by 9:30 a.m. so you’ll have plenty of time to stop at Los Islotes and still sail to San Francisco island during daylight.
LOS ISLOTES, at the north end of Partida island, has the largest sea lion colony in the Sea of Cortez. This is your chance to snorkel with them for the highlight of your trip! You’ll see lots of day-trip boaters from La Paz. DO NOT ANCHOR—use the bouys provided. Please leave one person aboard TisMagic at all times.
SAN FRANCISCO ISLAND is four hours away and almost due north. This is one of the best places to put out your fishing lines. Don’t miss your one opportunity to have freshly caught fish—great
when barbecued!   »

Our 41' Morgan Out Island ketch – a fun sailboat with lots of room inside and a big deck. Our 38' Cat Out Island sloop – a fun sailboat with lots of room inside and a big deck. Our 2016 Tru Yacht Catamaran is a perfect platform for up to 8 people on day-sail/snorkel trips or 6 on over-night charters. Our 44' Catamaran lets you sleep aboard Sunday through Saturday. Our 38' Luhrs powerboat with a very large cockpit & bridgedeck – Baja boat charter on the Sea of Cortez, BCS Mexico. Our 24' Class C motor home that is perfect for camjping around the Baja peninsula – Take a kayak or two and enjoy the beaches and fishing in warm water.